You know, a lot of people think this industry is about networking, prospecting, marketing, or a whole slew of other things we do to build our business…and that is 50% true. But there’s another 50% to this industry that REALLY flies over most people’s heads. They may know it intellectually…but they don’t REALLY get […]

October 6, 2011

Why Network Marketing is NOT What You Think It Is

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There is this concept in the Toltec Teachings, called the “Bid” for power. Essentially, Toltecs hold that “Power” is one of the most magnificent forces in the entire universe, & permeates everything every where. They recognize that “power” is really the force that allows a human being, or any being for that matter, to create […]

October 3, 2011

Ancient Secrets Revealed (Unlock Your Power)

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Network marketing is a people business, your success in this industry will hinge greatly upon your ability to build relationships. People prefer to do business with people that know, like and trust, so you have to become the kind of person who can connect with people both online and offline. Luckily, you do not have to […]

September 30, 2011

The ‘Proven’ Strategies To Profit Whether Prospects Join YOU Or NOT

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The Master Prospector 1. A Master Prospector always applies what he knows and puts it into action. You will never know if you’ve really learned something, unless you’ve applied it. Learning is not about acquiring as much information as possible. It’s about taking that information and putting it into action so that you can see […]

September 26, 2011

Seven Steps to Becoming a Prospecting Master

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Live your life with passion! Why be among the living dead with no passion or focus towards a goal or desire? Today, I wanted to remind you of this essential trait of all successful people! It does not matter where you are in life you can create a different future for yourself. Where you are […]

September 23, 2011


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