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One of the best compliments you can pay someone for good service or a great product is a REFERRAL! Many times customers and clients would love to provide you with a referral if you simply ask. I know that may sound to easy, but it really is that easy. Below are listed just three of […]

November 11, 2011

Explode your business with the oldest Trick in the BOOK! (So easy a caveman could do it)

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One chilly Sunday  morning  in the Winter of 1886, a sobbing little girl stood near a small church from which she had been turned away because it “was too crowded.” The Pastor of the small church, Russell H. Conwell, came upon this scene and the little girl cried “I can’t go to Sunday School, “she sobbed to […]

October 26, 2011

.57 Cents and a Dream

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Go where the fish are If you think about the techniques of fishermen, you will notice that they plan out their trips for the most part to determine where the fish are biting.  They leave the dock with the intent to come home with fish, therefore making sure that they strategically seek locations where the […]

October 17, 2011

How Learning to Fish can Save your MLM Business

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              This week we lost one of the greatest icons of our generation Mr. Steve Jobs. A true visionary who lead the largest shift in technology since Microsoft and created a legacy that will last for generations. No matter what your opinion of Jobs, tyrant, mentor, or icon one […]

October 7, 2011

The Steve Jobs Effect

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  You know, a lot of people think this industry is about networking, prospecting, marketing, or a whole slew of other things we do to build our business…and that is 50% true. But there’s another 50% to this industry that REALLY flies over most people’s heads. They may know it intellectually…but they don’t REALLY get […]

October 6, 2011

Why Network Marketing is NOT What You Think It Is

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