Black Friday (And the Lie many bought)

by Chris Jackson on November 28, 2011

Are people telling you they don’t have any money to join your business because of the economy? Well, what  took place this past weekend throughout the United States with Black Friday?

Millions of people rushed into big electronic stores, or they camped out in the front of department stores all night.

Even worse…

One guy waited out in front of Best Buy since two weeks ago!

There were crazed shoppers fighting over parking spaces all over the country. At a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles, CNN reported, one woman peppered sprayed the crowd of shoppers to get a competitive advantage.  Billions of dollars were being spent this past weekend on iPhones, iPads, video games, HD TVs, and various other Smart phones, tablets, fishing gear, tacky embroidered pillows, Karaoke games,  and tools… Mostly by people who say the economy is bad, they can’t afford to pay their bills, and they don’t have any money to join your business!

But when people want something bad enough – they will find the money! The consumer mentality is as serious as cancer. Come January 1st 2012, after all the celebrations, the family gatherings, and gift exchanges millions of consumers will face the reality of not having enough money to make ends meet. This reality still existed during the holidays, but many will chose to ignore it for a moment of temporary insanity. I am not a Scrooge by any means, but I was one who lost a great deal financially and added tremendous stress to my life by trying to make the holidays special by buying gifts. However, I did learn that the gifts do not make the season, but it’s the love and friendship we share with those closest to us.

Change your thinking and Change your income!

Something to think about!

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