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Align Your SOUL With Your Money.

by Chris Jackson on September 22, 2011

One of the most POWERFUL relationships we have in life, is almost never truly questioned, looked into, or worked on.

That relationship is our relationship with MONEY.

Most people spend their lives constantly fighting, struggling, & living in MISERY with their relationship with money.

And no, I’m NOT talking about people who just don’t have a lot of it…

I’m talking about some of the so called “Wealthiest” people on the planet who are poor as could be.

There is honestly one giant COSMIC joke about money and it will be explained in today’s video training for you.

But once you get it… you realize that the “Riches” we are all searching for we’ve had the entire time.

You will get an entirely different paradigm for what it means to be “Rich”…

… and I’ll show you how richness is ultimately the inheritance of every human being, regardless of how much cash is in the bank account.

Again, here’s today’s important video to watch now… Watch Now

There’s a HUGE shift on the way with how human beings are coming to perceive money.  This “old world” mentality of scarcity, and the world’s systems that are literally BUILT upon scarcity… are crumbling. We are going to have a massive awakening with money soon.  As a culture, we’re going to start questioning the unconscious beliefs & assumptions we all have surrounding money. Lesson In Prosperity

We’re going to realize that more is not better.

We’re going to realize that we HAVE enough.

We’re going to realize that scarcity is a LIE.

And we’re going to come into harmony with aligning our life’s work, principles, & SOUL with Money. The time is now to make this shift in your own mindset & awareness.  The time is now for you to begin USING your money to express the highest contributions you want to make with your life on this planet… and to Align your money with your soul.

Today’s teaching will explain more…Watch the video now, and I can’t wait to hear from you on my blog soon

Yours in Success,

Chris Jackson

Online Marketing and Success Coach


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