The Elephant in the Room

by Chris Jackson on January 23, 2012

The Elephant in the Room

By Brian Griswold


I wrote a book called The Man Law Bible where many other contributing men and myself make light of and point out the no no’s of everyday life as a man. I light of the book there is heavy undertone… scratch that, a punch to the ear on a cold day of men taking responsibility for their actions.


What you see today vs. ten, twenty, and even fourty years ago is a massive shift in the lack of personal accountability amongst men. More and more you see icons on TV, in movies, in day to day life of men shrugging their child support, man of the house avoidance, purchasing instead of paying debt, and so on and so on. We see more boys becoming fathers and men wanting to run the streets like boys. Metro-sexuality is on the rise and although it’s not taken as gay, it’s unacceptable as men and by men. It’s something women don’t and really wont understand but men judge and will reject any actions that are seen as un-manly. But why is this? Why are more and more young and middle aged men sailing down this river?


Several years ago there was a documentary on 60 Minutes. The story was about why 18 or so young male elephants in an African reserve were destroying crops, harrasing other animals, killing approximatly 40 white rhinos, and also 2 humans.


After tracking the addolecent males they descovered that these males had grown up in zoo’s and parks and were released into the reserve withouth any interaction with other older male elephants. In fact, there were no bull elephants in the reserve at all.


They thought that by releasing more older female elephants into the reserve would help… but it didn’t. In fact, the aggression amongst the young males increased. Soon the idea became apparent to a few elephant behaviourists that they should release bull elephants into the habitat.


They soon introduced six… let me say that again… they introduced just six bull elephants, just a third of the adolesant population, into the reserve. Within a shot period of time the killings stoped. The crops were left alone. And the aggression amongst the adolesant males ceased completely. The bull elephants were’nt taking any crap from the kiddies. By thier visual actions and physical actions the bull elephants quickly got the adolesants in line.


It’s obvious that we are not animals, even though women would like to argue that perspective. But as men we need to step up and take responsibility. The rise of fatherless households are not stoping anytime soon. There are more men in jail today then ever before. Men do not need to go running the streets, pulling out their belts, and beting the breaks off some young boys. Besides, you get shot of that crap nowadays. It’s important that men notice the signes of a young men going astray and take them under their wing. Men need guidance and responsibility. It’s time for men to take back responsibility and pick up the Atlas. Be involved fathers and pay your debts. Take accountability for your actions and Man UP!


Brian Griswold is the author of The Man Law Bible as well as a Personal Development Consultant and Esential Services Broker. He is a veteran of the Navy where he served as a combat medic with the Marines. He has saved countless lives with his bare hands and been the last face many saw before they died. If you’d like to contact him you can do so my visiting his website


Brian S. Griswold

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