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A Message on Forgiveness

by Chris Jackson on September 21, 2011


This brief reflection was written by Dr. Kevin B. Williams written September 20, 2010 and published on Facebook.  

On Wednesday, January 26, 1994 in the early hours of that day I received news from two of my best friends that would change my life forever.  While in Tallahassee, FL, I got a knock on my door; to my delight and surprise on the other side were two of my childhood friends, Ronald Sims and Oliver Martin.  I asked them, “Did you guys come in town early for the Ques famous weekly party Wicked Wednesday?”  My two friends answered, “No Kevin, we did not drive from Atlanta to come to a party.”  “Your mom sent us to come pick you up.”   “My Mom sent you?”   “I have class today, I have a party to throw tonight, etc…..
They sat me down and the news was delivered.  My little brother, Brandon Charles Williams had been gunned down on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive across from Hightower Station in the strip mall after a Mays vs. Doug basketball game on Tuesday night, January 25, 1994.  My mom sent Ronald & Oliver straight from Grady Hospital and told them to bring me back home from Tallahassee, FL.
It was like living a nightmare all over again.  In 1993, my best friend Barak Kareem Martin was gunned down in Atlanta in front of “Beautiful Restaurant.”  Now, in 1994, his older brother, Oliver Martin was in my living room having to deliver the tragic news about my brother.  To make it even more staggering, Ronald Sims, who served as a pallbearer with me at Barak’s funeral, was in my living room with Oliver telling me my little brother was gone.
I will save the long version of this story for another day, however, people who grew up with me know it was never a fight I would walk away from.  My first questions were to ask what happened and who did it? On my ride to Atlanta, God began to take over in a way I cannot explain in a short reflection.

I was wrapped with love and people were put in my life before and after the news….  


  • My drivers mention above
  •  My current wife Shamita who was my 18yr. old girlfriend at the time and was at the apartment when I got the news
  •  My roommate Brother Jonathan Gaines AKA (Too Short)
  • Chapter brothers of Upsilon Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi, Inc. (who already knew what happen and kept me away from the news until Oliver and Ronald came down from Atlanta)
  • Many on FAMU campus (including a signed card from the majority of the members of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. chapter at FAMU)
  • Family in ATL and around the country
  • Christians and strangers
  • 3000 persons in attendance at the funeral
  • My Benjamin E. Mays High School Family including the Goodie Mob (who added my little brother’s name in the list of dedications on their first album Soul Food)
  • Brother Woody Sampson and the Sampson family who let me live with them during the week of the funeral
  • God has given me two Little Brothers-In- Laws- Azim Morgan and Khaalid Mcmillan
  • An example of a God fearing Mother
  • An example of a persevering Dad
  • A son Dakarai Barak Charles Ayomide Williams
  • A mentor Brother, Dr. Rueben Warren
  • The list goes on and on……..

My brother’s case is classified to this day as a cold case.  However, his life was anything but a cold case.  In his short 17 years he touched many, including his Big Brother.  I am a better man for sharing a household with him, even if it was not for the length of time I would have liked.  It has been said that death can change the living and for me it did in a big way.
The violent nature of his death made me face one of God’s biggest challenges to man on earth – (forgiveness)!!!  Whenever I have a problem with forgiveness, I stop and have many profound thoughts — I could have been on the elevator with the person who shot my brother today or opened the door for the person who gunned him down or better yet, instructed them for a quarter or two at the university in which I’m a professor.
Who have you forgiven today?  Have you made forgiveness an important part of your life?  

Happy Birthday Little Brother – 
Brandon Charles Williams – September 20, 1976 – January 25, 1994  
This brief reflection was written by Dr. Kevin B. Williams – AKA- (Pee-Wee) AKA- (Weetheresearcher) AKA – (TheWeester)
written September 20, 2010 and published on Facebook.


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Michelle Terrell February 27, 2013 at 10:45 pm

Pee Wee, yes forgiveness is not easy but once you do ,WOW what a great feeling and you feel so much closer to God. Reading this sent chills over me because reading it made it feel like it was just yesterday. I came across this showing my son Kareem Michael Martin his uncle’s picture. And I told him you could tell him some stories about his uncle and maybe one day you can. I would love to see you and your family but until then be blessed.




karina January 19, 2014 at 3:40 am

I Love this and browse just to read it even still today, and reflect. Love ya!


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