Burn the Boats

by Chris Jackson on December 13, 2011

All or Nothing!

"Win or Die"


By Brian Griswold

Are you all in or all out? I’m sure that at some point on your road to success you have asked yourself if what you are doing is worth it all or just a fleeting affair. I know I have and I’m certain many others have talked themselves out of a great opportunity only to validate your decision based on fear of failure and doubt alone… no actual substantial data or fact. I know I didn’t see a clear end goal, I didn’t set daily goals, and I didn’t believe 100% in what I was doing. I allowed doubt to control my outcome before I even really tried.

If you’re going to fight a war you better know damn well you’re going to win. This has been a staple of warfare for centuries and is a big qualifying reason to go to war in Sun Tsu’s book The Art of War. But the Greeks made sure that if they fought, if they committed to war, they were going to will themselves to win even if they might be the underdog. The ancient Greeks had a strategy to get into the minds and hearts of its warriors. Burn the boats. It meant death or victory. No surrender and no escape.

Commitment is vital to any successful strategy. The Greeks knew that they could get their army to win if they took away their out. Now it’s not guaranteeing yourself victory but you sure will put up a damn good fight. By burning your boat, your out, you are psychologically governing your drive to win at all coasts. Now you may very well fail, but you will not fail because of surrender or retreat. Commit yourself to everything you do. No matter how small or menial the task, how large or daunting, commit yourself 100% and never leave your way an out. Burn your boat and you will plant victory in your heart and mind.


Brian S. Griswold 

Griswold’s first book brings to life the lessons he has learned in regards to masculinity and chivalry through a collection of laws that govern their use. In these laws he uses humor and cynicism to paint clever memorable scenarios to amplify his message. He has saved countless lives with his bare hands and been the last face many saw before they died. He’s been married, divorced, destitute, and has lived the life of pleasure. He is a renaissance man who has experienced much more than his age suggests. Check out his daily rants The Man Law Bible




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