Ancient Secrets Revealed (Unlock Your Power)

by Chris Jackson on October 3, 2011

There is this concept in the Toltec Teachings, called the “Bid” for power. Essentially, Toltecs hold that “Power” is one of the most magnificent forces in the entire universe, & permeates everything every where. They recognize that “power” is really the force that allows a human being, or any being for that matter, to create what it is they desire.

If you desire freedom… then power is what’s going to allow you to create that freedom. If you desire wealth… then power is what’s going to allow you to create that wealth. And so on & so forth. Power is essentially what allows us to create anything. And within our lives… there is what’s called “personal power”.

This is the amount of power that WE, as individuals, have accumulated within ourselves. Some people have very low amounts of “personal power”.  Thus, they are always struggling to create anything. They find themselves at the whim of life, other people, & their environment. Pretty much, to these people it seems everything else is more powerful than they are.

However, to the individual who has developed some of their own “personal power”… the entire equation of the world changes.

All of a sudden, the things that use to have so much power over us… do not have that power anymore. Now, it is WE who have the power. It is WE, who is commanding our destiny, & deciding the course of our lives & what we want to experience. This is the gift of ‘personal power’, & you see, the action steps required to ACHIEVE personal power are simple, straightforward, & attainable. One of the reasons I’m sharing this with you, is because one of the FASTEST ways to achieve your own levels of personal power is upon you right now. It’s called… MENTORING.

And through mentoring, you gain incredible knowledge, which leads to incredible personal power. Mentoring is a gateway, that can bring you to vast amounts of power very quickly. The reason why is because a clear channel opens up between YOU, & the person you are learning from. If the person you are learning from has great amounts of personal power…Then you quickly can download all of that knowledge, & learn from all of their experiences.

If they spent years & millions learning something… you can gleam the biggest insights from all of that experience in 1/100th of the time, & at a fraction of the cost.  That’s why ANYONE pays for an education, even if it’s an outdated one like most collage universities today. You must understand, knowledge is POWER.  It is through knowledge that you know the correct actions to take. Without it, you are aimlessly wandering around, lost & powerless.

Knowledge is not an option when it comes to creating what you want in life.

<You simply must have it.> 

To your Success,

Chris Jackson

Success Coach and Online Marketer





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