How to Make a Viral Video?

by Chris Jackson on April 13, 2012

How to Make a Viral Video?

Posted by Lighthouse and Company 04/12/12

How do you get a video to go viral. You can’t make a video go viral as Gary Vaynerchuk has said. All you can really do is make great quality content and get exposure. We’re sure that countless people out there will disagree with this but they are wrong. These are two great videos that went viral. They did it on their own organically.

The setup of the first video was in a quiet town square where nothing ever really happens. But wait, what if someone places a seemingly harmless little red button in the center of the square with a sign that says “Add Drama”. Who can resist pushing the button? Now place a bunch a cameras around the square and capture all the action and reaction.

The second video was created by CEO of Dollar Shave Club Mike Dubin. He had success working for major networks as a writer and from time to time as a stand up comic. He knew he had a great idea for not only a quality product that men needed but a great way to get the word out. For him it was all about simplicity, honesty and just making you laugh. Of course there are others that have gone viral but these are the most recent.

Now you have a catalyst for video virality but without guarantee of success. But the same concept exist for a team like the New York Yankees that stacks a team with arguably the best players in the MLB to win the World Series. Or a team like the Lakers to win the NBA Championship.

Did they do it, well not every year. Nobody saw the Detroit Pistons coming in 2004. And the Yankees struck out for 8 solid years. But they should have right? No, you cant make something happen just because you line up all the pieces correctly. It’s one part preparation, one part perspiration, and one part hope!

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