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The ‘Proven’ Strategies To Profit Whether Prospects Join YOU Or NOT

by Chris Jackson on September 30, 2011

Network marketing is a people business, your success in this industry will hinge greatly upon your ability to build relationships. People prefer to do business with people that know, like and trust, so you have to become the kind of person who can connect with people both online and offline. Luckily, you do not have to go to charm school in order to become a people person, but you do have to master a few simple skills.

Seek to serve your audience first, and know that you will be able to monetize successfully later, because of your authencity and willingness to serve your market.  This doesn’t mean you “don’t sell”, this just means that you’re seeking to get to know your audience, and you are considering their needs first before yours. In turn, you’ll win their trust, and will ultimately have a raving fan for life.

Five Sure Fire Tips to Build Trust with your Prospects

  1. Be Honest—Don’t become this over the top pitch person, (i.e. the Sham WOW guy) that says everything is great all the time and nothing goes wrong in your life.  Personally, I dislike people who try to make it appear as if life is always perfect, but I appreciate those who openly express their human side. Share your full story, the struggles, challenges, and imperfections. This is the glue that will bond you to people.
  2. Be Transparent—This is a great way to win an audience over.  One of the best ways to do this is by posting videos and pictures of yourself to show people who you really are.  Bringing the human side of who you are outside of what you do, allows your readers and followers to relate to you.
  3. Be Accessible– Have multiple contact points where people can connect with you. This doesn’t mean you need to plaster all of your personal contact information all over the Internet, but using Social Media to connect with your followers. Tweet with them on twitter, respond to their comments on facebook and if you have skype and oovoo account, chat with them to connect personally.
  4. Be Humble—Don’t become overly boastful like the “ha ha. I’m great and your not” kind of person. Those are the first group of people to get booted and overlooked so stay humble despite your success.  However, it’s okay to gloat over your victories but don’t make other people feel “less than”…remember your want them to like you!
  5. Be Consistent—Being consistent proves to your followers that your not just another fl-by-night wanna be marketer, but your actually in it for the long haul. With so many people in and out of the game in the blink of an eye, its very hard to find reliable leaders. Remaining consistent in your marketing efforts postions you as one of those reliable leaders, and therefore will encourage more people to continue to follow your lead!

Establishing trust with your prospects early and often will lead to long term relationships that could lead to potential business partners, customers or referrals.  These are the lifeblood of your business and you can influence your outcomes by mastering these simple steps to building rock solid relationships.

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