STEPS to MLM Domination

by Chris Jackson on September 28, 2011

Establishing a successful M.L.M business is a step-by-step sequence. It’s a series of problems that need to be solved in order.

If you don’t have guidance you’ll spend precious time trying to figure it out. Eventually, if you stick with it, more than likely you will.

I did. I figured it out… but it was painful. And I’m sure you could spend the hundreds of hours figuring it out too… or… you could be smart and get the guidance I wish I had when I was first establishing my business.

Let me explain:

Once you get a person interested in the earning potential of M.L.M there are a set of questions plaguing this prospect’s mind.

Professional sales trainers teach “a confused prospect never buys”.

Well, where does confusion come from? What causes it? Even better, how can you eliminate confusion in your prospect?

Confusion comes from unanswered questions and inaccurate information.

If you allow unanswered questions to exist in your “hot” prospect’s mind, they’ll never sign up as a distributor.

And, more than likely, your “hot” prospect, who’s interested in the earning potential of M.L.M has heard false horror stories or thinks this is a “pyramid scheme” that’s illegal.

Obviously, you must overcome these questions and inaccurate statements before you turn this “hot” prospect into a “hot” distributor in your downline.

This is the next set of problems.

Real pros – people who make “dream money” in M.L.M – have a special skill. It’s simple to acquire. Anyone can easily get it. And they learned it in elementary school.

It’s called recall.

Do you remember in elementary school where your teacher would either ask you to stand up at your desk or call you to the front of the class and ask you to “recall” information?

Doesn’t matter if it was the year Columbus set foot on these shores or what a verb was.

You were either right… or… you were embarrassed because you didn’t know the answer and you were “wrong”.

As it was in elementary school, so is it with successful M.L.M.

You either know what to say, or you lose the prospect. You either have a creative answer to those questions that get to the core of the issue, or every new prospect you generate will walk.

Disheartening isn’t it?

Well, real pros acted like little children – that’s how they became real pros.

They did their homework. They spent a few moments everyday memorizing answers to all the common questions they get from “hot” prospects.

So when a prospect posed their question, they’d have a ready-made answer to deliver.

Having a great answer to a common question gives you confidence.

When you have confidence in what you’re saying, you’ll establish trust with your prospect.

When your prospect knows you’re telling them the truth, the doubt created by the question will vanish. You’ll have a convinced prospect who will become your distributor.

That’s the process.

But now you have a problem. How are you going to get your hands on a list of common questions people ask about network marketing opportunities?

And, how are you going to get well crafted answers – honest answers you can stand on?

Luckily, I have the solution a click away!

Fresh Off the Press

Over the years, I’ve received dozens upon dozens of questions about how to rake in the dough in M.L.M.

Over the course of two, three or four years, you could have gotten great guidance to serious problems any network marketer faces.

Of course, waiting two or more years to get it could also mean serious frustration or giving up entirely.

Well, I did the smart thing and I and researched the information to build a rock solid massive organization and what I found will blow your mind!

I found simple solutions to major problems and this system gives you great answers to common questions “hot” prospects have.

But That’s Not All

Remember when I told you that creating a successful network marketing business is a step-by-step process that needs to be solved in order?

Well, also discussed in detail are the next set of problems you’ll face after you’ve developed a system to generate new leads and what answers to give to common questions:

The problem with leading a team of winning distributors.

If you don’t master this skill, you’ll never achieve your big financial dreams.

All the answers to these most common questions you must face and overcome to build your team… and… how to take the team and make them hyper-successful.

Unless you’re already earning over a million dollars every year, you need this information.

Right now, you can get these rock solid concepts for FREE!!!! Don’t delay your dreams by trying to “figure it out yourself”. That’s a mistake in the information age.

Get it today, listen to it immediately and study the answers. You’ll be surprised and thrilled when “hot” prospects become your next “hot” distributors.

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Your Free Training!

To your success,

Chris Jackson

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