The Psychology of Power Prospecting!!

by Chris Jackson on December 7, 2011

You Have The Power

Prospecting is about taking action on connecting with those around you to determine whom you can service and who has a problem that you can solve. It’s that simple. Nothing more, nothing less!!  Of course, there is a goal of getting a transaction to take place, whether it is a purchase or a partnership. But either way, you’re here to service the needs of others and help them solve a problem in their lives.

Prospecting is also a time for you to “interview” others to determine if you’re interested in doing business with them or not.  Selling is more of an act to convince someone to make a purchase.  However, prospecting differs in the fact that you’re sifting through the human marketplace to find the individuals that fit the matching profile for what it is that you have to offer and qualifying them to determine if they’re worthy of your time or not.

The truth is, you have the power when it comes to prospecting.  It’s as simple as going fishing.  While there are hungry fish in the sea, you’re the fisherman that throws out the bait to solve the hunger problem of a lucky fish.  If he/she takes a bite and you feel like it’s a good match, then the transaction is made, and they’re now going home with you!  However, if the fish isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you unhook them, and throw them back into the ocean while you continue fishing.

If you change the way you view the process of prospecting, it can actually become a fun and rewarding experience.

Success is in the Mind

Your success is practically already determined before you even pick up the phone or come in contact with your prospect.  Your attitude, mindset, posture and beliefs are the starting point to winning your prospects over.  If you approach someone with a negative mindset and a fear of rejection, whether you realize it or not, your prospect can sense this from you, and it will be a huge turn off to them wanting to move further with you.

But if you maintain a positive mindset and tell yourself that you are here to help solve the problems of those around you today, and you approach your prospect from that point of view and ask them “How can I serve you today”?, you will see a huge difference in response.

After they step back in shock from such a winning approach, they will greet you with kindness and appreciation that you thought highly enough of them today to want to help them, and the floodgates will open for them to hear anything you have to say.

Before approaching anyone for the day, spend the first 30 minutes of your day repeating affirmations that build you up and enhance your posture, so that you can leave out your doors “knowing” you’re a winner.

Here are a few affirmations you can begin using today:

¨  I am an Ambassador of Change and a Change Agent.

¨  I am the Leader People Are Looking For.

¨  I love Myself!! I deserve to have it all!**

¨  I am comfortable with who I am becoming!

¨  I realize all fear is invisible.

¨  I am now able to turn time into results… time into money!

¨  Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.

¨  I am becoming more valuable through the service I am performing in free enterprise.

¨  My mind is renewed and today is a new day.

¨  All that happened yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery so I will spend my time and energy focusing on today.

¨  I am the leader of a flourishing organization.  Everyone who joins my team experiences personal growth, personal fulfillment and success!

¨  My company acknowledges my hard work and devotion, and they continue to shower me with rewards at every recognition event!

¨  I am making a difference, and people love being around me.

¨  I am the influencer of change.  I bring forth change in others, while I grow, mature and change in every aspect of my life.


Yours in Success,



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