How a Cartoon Philosophy Can Make You Rich

by Chris Jackson on September 16, 2011

In the movie The Lion King, Mufasa explains to young Simba the process of life and death in the jungle, he referred to it as the “Circle of Life”. In the circle of life Mufasa explains how all things are connected both good and bad and how when one thing was out of balance it could ruin the entire system. With the release approaching I will not ruin the whole plot for any of you who might have lived under a rock during the time of the original release or who were too young to remember.

This Circle of Life also is what connects and determines our futures as human beings; there is an old saying that says “show me the five closets people to you and I will show you your future.”  So for good or for bad your circle of influence can make or break you. So what I am about to say may sound harsh, but it’s necessary: If you want to create a different economy in your life, you may need to get new friends more than a new job or education. And no doubt you have heard the old saying “Birds feather flock together. This hold true for wealthy people and poor people and the middle-class we become who we associate with. What I am saying is the wealthy network with the wealthy, the middle class network with the middle class, and the poor hang out with the poor.

Many people spend their entire life hanging out with people that hold them back financially. In network marketing you are surrounded by people who want to help your grow financially and who support your growth as a person. At an early age I knew I wanted to be financially free, and I began to build relationships with people that were more successful and richer than me.  I was fortunate enough to meet my mentor at the age of 18, and this relationship totally changed the trajectory of my life. He introduced me to a world of people and information that placed me light years apart from the world of poverty I saw my entire life.  So if you are going to build your own business, you need to be acutely aware of who you’re spending your time with and who your teachers are.  It’s one of the most critical considerations of your business life.

When I decided to leave the military the hardest things to let go of was my friendships. Unfortunately, many of those friends were still holding on to the idea of the security of the steady paycheck and military retirement. I valued the freedom and the chance to increase my lifestyle beyond its current state. This made my decision to leave hard, but it was a necessary decision to make.

You will experience something similar in network marketing. You may find out that that there are friends and family who will not understand your decision to build a network marketing business, and some may actively try to sabotage your success. You may have friends tell you that your nuts, you’re a dreamer, or those things don’t work. You may even LOSE friends. I know it sounds harsh, but its reality of taking charge of your life.

Robert Kiyosaki, in his best-seller Rich Dad, Poor Dad, explains the four quadrants E for employee, S for self-employed are the left side of the quadrant and the I for investor and B for business owner are the right side. He explains the difference in mindset on the two sides, on the left side they work for money and on the left they leverage or have money/people working for them. When you decide to go into network marketing you make the shift to the left side of the quadrant where the rules, language, and thought processes are different. That makes you different to many old friends and family, you may as well change religion in some cases.

Your circle of life will either feed you or destroy you. The late great business philosopher Jim Rohn often said “For things to change you have to change…” In order to have more and be more you have to become open to receive more. Our circle of influence is the most critical in our long term success. Be sure your circle is full of those who support and feed your vision.

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