The Death of Facebook Marketing And What To Do About It…

by Chris Jackson on December 16, 2011

There’s been a lot of gossip about it online. There’s also been a lot of denial on the part of Facebook, even though those numbers came directly from stats they posted publicly, via their ad tool.

Whatever the “real” numbers are, it should be unsettling to you, especially if you built your lead generation funnel with a Facebook Fan Page instead of a good “old fashioned” website you own yourself.

The fact is, Facebook marketing isn’t going to be around forever if history has anything to say about it.

We only need to look back on what happened to every major business built on Google’s Pay-Per-Click ad system to see that it can all come crashing down overnight because of a few new guidelines or rules. (BTW, Pay-Per-Click advertising still works, it’s just not as easy or as cheap as it used to be in the “wild west” days…)

So how do you build a safe, secure, and longterm business on the Internet? Is it even possible to build such a thing? Some people would say no.

I happen to disagree with the naysayers…

I happen to believe that it is possible to build an impenetrable fortress of a business that will stand up to the catapults of time.

This isn’t “pie in the sky” thinking. It’s what the “Attraction Marketing” philosophy is really all about. It’s about building your business around YOU.

You OWN your websites and YOU BRAND YOURSELF.

YOURSELF and NOT your company/opportunity.

That way you can move on if Facebook changes a few rules, or “knock on wood” your primary opportunity goes out of business in ten years…

That’s what Magnetic Sponsoring has been teaching for years. If you’ve read the book then you know that to be true.

It’s also what these two Facebook Superstars teach too. Although I might add that they are giving you a full step-by-step course.

Get yours before its too late!

Yours in Success,

Chris Jackson



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