Why make your cheddar better?

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Simply put, EMPOWERMENT!

You see, the greatest blessing of the financial crisis is that it’s awakened the world to the unequivocal amount of corruption and fraud that has taken over our financial markets and political centers. The very concept and validity of money is coming into question by the masses who have been brainwashed by a money exchange system designed to enslave them into life-long debt.

I envision a school system that teaches students how to become leaders… If not of other men, then a leader of themselves so they are no longer willing dependents of a welfare society … Students who are empowered with the ability to manage their own money, who understand the difference between right and wrong, and who can teach their children these same values.

My goal within the next 7 years is to create a school because the problems we face today are simply battles in a war for this country’s soul. And if we’re going to win the war for freedom and prosperity, we must start at the beginning with the hearts and minds of our children.

I envision an America where capitalism is once again respected as a badge of honor, and where free markets are the playing field of men instead of machines.